Everything is a matter of perspective.
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About: Hello! Word of caution: the posts on this tumbleblog are all original unless stated otherwise. My entries vary in length and type. Some are short, some are long, and some still, are toooooo long. I ask nothing from you but an open mind. I guess that's it. I hope you'll have a great time! :)

I am writing this.

Right now

Instead of the book analysis I’m supposed to be working on.

The reason being, I realized something.

I have not written anything for the last couple of months.


Absolutely nothing.

I reckon it’s about time I started again.


It is time to start again.

Sakit ko na ‘to eh. Yung paniwalaang okay ako, kahit hindi.
Do not let your problems consume your entire being. Let them only feed on that which you have no need of. Rise. Praise. Gratify.
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